The Holidays released their video for their new single “All Time High” which is executed very well, like a short film. 

Love this single by London based Rosie Lowe, and check out her Right Thing EP.

I was completely unaware Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene had released a solo album in 2007; and his followup, Darlings, will be out March 18th featuring this amazing single. 

Whenever a band puts out a stellar debut album I always get slightly worried they might disband before releasing another. This new single from Night Beds made that fear subside and did not disappoint. 

Holy Esque are a terrific four piece band from Glasgow, they have raw energy and are led by Pat Hynes’ raspy vocals which are almost reminiscent of the now defunct WU LYF, who they previously toured with. “Tear” is one of my favorite tracks, but also be sure to check out their new single, “Silences”.

Really like this track by Vancouver electro-indie duo Data Romance, check out their album Other (for fans of Imogen Heap, Purity Ring, Young Wonder, and Love Inks). 

MONEY - “Hold Me Forever” the single from their forthcoming LP, The Shadow of Heaven.